Our Team

Boddu Ashok - Chairman

At GreenMetro, we take a certain pride in our vision and insight of your world. It helps us appreciate your needs better. It is no secret that when you choose GreenMetro, you choose to escape mediocrity, and take a giant leap into a bigger and better future.

The seeds of development at GreenMetro was shown by Mr. Boddu Ashok the Founder and Chairman of GreenMetro Infratech and Projects (P) Ltd. A first generation entrepreneur, with over 20 years of Experience in the field of Real Estates and constructions his role is crucial and his efforts are immensible to serve the customers and their needs to fulfil their dreams. He is a unique combination of simplicity, dynamism, dedication, ambition and quality targeting the maximum output, customer contentment and a trend of the group moving towards expansion and constant innovation. His belief is that he is duty bound to generate wealth to meet national construction goals and in turn customers will organize the productive standards.

His responsibilities as a chairman are two fold. One is strategic, leading to conceptualizing new business development strategies and second foraying into new businesses with innovative ideas and dynamic thought process, he transforms vision into reality, giving the company its competitive edge.

His role in selecting the lands is amazing as he can guess the developments that can be possible in the area so accurately and it worked very well for GreenMetro to move ahead successfully.

Chairman’s Message:

“I sincerely thank you all for always standing beside through the journey of GreenMetro Started with a modest beginning of real estate, today We stand tall after giving quality of investment to Thousands of families in Real Estate. We cater to multiple geographies with real estate projects in all ranges. Our focus has been on the common man of the country, and to reach such destinations which are new to organized real estate. In reciprocation, the market today has grown to recognize us as a responsible leader of tomorrow. We believe that value creation is an everlasting phenomenon and trust is not built overnight. We construct bridges, with those who are special to us. Someone like YOU.”

Ashok Boddu
GreenMetro Infratech and Projects (P) Ltd.

Aditya Boddu - Managing Director

Mr. Aditya is an MBA in international marketing from UK. He also gives special focus on brand management as well as bringing standards and best practices in the company. He personally monitors all customer service and interfacing initiatives.

“Firstly I would like to start off by thanking all our customers and staff of GreenMetro. And I would like to thank Mr. Ashok Boddu, Chairman of GreenMetro Infratech and projects Pvt Ltd. for giving me this opportunity as one of the Directors for this company.”

According to us, 'Customer's satisfaction is most valuable thing and Customer's Loyalty is priceless.' And in this aspect GreenMetro is successful in acquiring such loyal customers through the Qualitative services we provide. Almost every customer of ours is loyal and maintains healthy relation with the company. The Key to our success lies in our values like integrity,respect, team work, motivation and innovation which are encouraged and followed in our organization.

Our Mission is to be the leading Luxury developers in the realizing our customer's dream both in terms of budget as well as satisfaction. And our company's crew including development staff such as Architects, Designers, Contractors, Legal advisors, Marketing Staff and all other staff are highly skilled and experienced.

We are renowned for our friendly sales teams, and all our projects earn high returns for low investments.

We provide the right working environment for talented employees. At GreenMetro, appraisals are also given to our employees, who are outstanding in terms of Qualitative work as a token of encouragement.

Finally our Policy is

“coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a process, and working together is success”

Aditya Boddu
Managing Director
GreenMetro Infratech and Projects (P) Ltd.

Venkateswarao Boddu - Executive Chairman

He is the Executive Chairman of GreenMetro’s; he has a very vast experience in the field of real estate, he had done number of projects in the city including layouts and construction, planning a colony was a part of his journey which was names as Ganesh Nagar by himself around 35 years back and that’s what the count of his experience, since then the colony developed into a busy area with business centers, residences, schools, parks etc… it was planned so perfectly that no one face any problem with the roads, drainage or electricity. He always had a vision and worked for it, which made him to be elected as a corporator in GHMC elections for two terms continuously and prior to that he had worked as a ward counselor for 10 years; aged about 62 years he has the zeal to work for the society so he has chosen to be in politics.

He has the ability to foresee the problems and has a ready plan of action to work on the problems. His experience as a realtor, builder, politician and a good human being is a motivation for the company to move forward positively and successfully.

Venkateswarao Boddu
Executive Chairman
GreenMetro Infratech and Projects (P) Ltd.

Suresh Chandra Boddu - Director – Constructions

He is an Engineering graduate and a young entrepreneur having a vast experience in the field of constructions. He looks after the implementation of projects. He handled end-to-end responsibilities from concept to completion on a wide range of projects in his role. He is a guiding force who brings extreme passion and involvement at work.

Suresh Chandra Boddu
Director – Constructions
GreenMetro Infratech and Projects (P) Ltd.

Ravi Shankar Rao Boddu - Advisor to the board

He is an operational man, he has an experience in steel business as well as constructions and monitors all construction activities, material, and labour relations, apart from that he focuses on the Business Development function and plays a key role as Advisor to the Board on general corporate matters.

Ravi Shankar Rao Boddu
Advisor to the board
GreenMetro Infratech and Projects (P) Ltd.